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Banner Advertising


Muscat now offers local businesses the opportunity to place a banner advert on our homepage.

Banners can be placed in the areas marked on the 'Banner Placement Map' on the right of this page. Our banners are not currently rotated - your banner will be visible on the website 100% of the time, and to 100% of visitors.

Pricing (refer to location on Map)
Banner Pricing depends on the size of the Banner and location

1 Year placement

  • Banner 1 - 250RO ($494)
  • Banner 2 - 160RO ($416)
  • Banner 3 - 130RO ($338)
  • Banner 4 - 160RO ($416)

6 months placement

  • Banner 1 - 180RO ($351)
  • Banner 2 - 120RO ($312)
  • Banner 3 - 90RO ($233)
  • Banner 4 - 120RO ($312)

3 months placement

  • Banner 1 - 120RO ($233)
  • Banner 2 - 80RO ($208)
  • Banner 3 - 60RO ($156)
  • Banner 4 - 80RO ($208)

1 month placement

  • Banner 1 - 60RO ($117)
  • Banner 2 - 40RO ($104)
  • Banner 3 - 30RO ($78)
  • Banner 4 - 40RO ($104)

Full statistics of how many clicks / impressions etc. a banner has accumulated will be available to the advertiser (you) by logging on to the admin sectiion of our website

The artwork for the banner must be supplied by the advertiser (you) at the specied size. The artwork must be in either .jpg, or .gif format. NO animated .gif files are allowed. If the advertiser (you) wishes for a banner to be created by our professional designer the cost is 15RO.

The advertiser (you) must provide a website link that the banner will send the visitor to when clicked. This is usually your website page (or facebook page)

Payment for banner advert is via Paypal ( and the price will be converted into US $. Payment must be cleared before thebanner will apear on the website. ($US price will vary depending on exchange rate)

For further information please contact us at


Banner Placement Map

Banners can be placed in the following areas (marked in green)


Current Website Stats (updated July 2011)

Over 230,000 page views per month

Over 1000 unique visitors per day

90% of our visitors are from Oman (Muscat)

The number of visitors to the site is growing steadily each month - see below (March / June 2011)

Please contact us via to place your banner advert

Many thanks
Muscat Ads Admin.