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Muscat Ads is the #1 classified adverts listing site in Muscat & Oman. Buying and Selling on Muscat Ads is completely FREE, and really simple. To buy or sell register for an account with your email address then you're ready to go! Oman classiieds only - if you are not in Oman you cannot post!

Muscat Ads - Free Oman Classified Ads - Muscat buy & sell for FREE in the Sultanate of Oman - The No1 dubizzle Oman Classifieds Website!


Outside of Oman?

Visitors to this website from outside of Oman are invited to view items for sale, but may not advertise.
The page you are trying to access is not available to visitors outside of the Sultanate of Oman!

Muscat Ads – Buy & Sell within Muscat / Oman.

If you see this page it is likely you have been blocked from trying to post a classified advert on Muscat Ads.

The reason for this is to prevent scam adverts being posted on Muscat Ads, and to protect our buyers. Ideally a buyer should arrange to meet the seller and pay cash for an item Рwe never recommend paying by credit card, or sending money via bank transfer or any other service  -such as Western Union etc. This is to ensure the person you are dealing with is a genuine seller. You should always examine the items for sale before purchasing. If you are buying a car  / vehicle through one of our classified adverts then make sure you examine and drive the vehicle before you pay anything.

If you are within Oman and cannot post an advert (you are seeing this page) the reason could be:

  • You are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the internet such as ‘Surf Bouncer’.
    This makes it appear like you are located in another country. Please turn you VPN off and refresh the web page.
  • Your ‘IP Address’ (the number used to identify your computer on the internet) is not in our database of addresses located within Oman. It might be that our database is a little bit out of date. We update it once a month, and so you should be able to get access soon (if you try to access the site on another device you may be able to login).

If you attempt to post a classified advert that is not genuine / deliberately misleading / contrary to the societal and cultural norms of the Sultanate of Oman your advert and account will be deleted and your email will be blacklisted.

Please press the ‘Report this advert as a scam’ button if you think a classified advert is not genuine, or not acceptable. We will endeavour to remove the advert as soon as possible.


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