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Cars for sale Muscat, Oman

Posted July 11, 2010 by in Blog | No comments yet

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I started Muscat Ads as I wanted to buy a Jeep Wrangler in Muscat. When looking for cars for sale in Muscat & Oman, I found it a little hard to find one good place where I could see a lot of cars for sale to compare prices – theres no website that does this. So muscat ads was the answer! But why limit it to just cars for sale..? So I didn’t 😀

We currently have 300+ cars for sale on the website, as well as several adverts for car accessories. To encourage more people to advertise cars for sale in Oman I have had flyers printed to put on the windscreens of cars I see for sale in the street. We have also contacted a few second hand car companies with the idea that they use muscat ads to help increase their car sales. Hopefully with both these ideas running a lot more second hand cars for sale will appear on the website soon!

Other Good Places to find Cars For Sale in Muscat

1. Sarouj Petrol Station / McDonalds
Outside McDonalds parked on the beach side of the Sarouj complex there are always cars for sale. You can spot them by the note on the dashboard with a telephone number to call. Cars here will always be over priced, but call the owner, arrange to meet, and haggle! Arrange a test drive, and if you are still interested take it to a local garage and get it on the ramp.

View Sarouj Petrol in a larger map

2. Outside PDO / Shell Petrol Station
Head down to PDO – there’s a Shell petrol station outside the entrance. There are usually cars parked in the car park to the right of the petrol forecourt. In general these cars are owned by PDO employers, and in general are well maintained (in my experience – but I’ve only looked at a few). One pickup I looked at had been used by an oilfield engineers and the underneath was rusted and corroded. He said it was due to chemical exposure. I didn’t buy it!

View PDO Shell Petrol in a larger map

3. In the Street!
See something you like? ..don’t be shy! It’s common practice for car owners to be approached and asked if they would like to sell their car. This can happen at traffic lights, in car parks, or anywhere! I’ve had people stop me and ask when I’m going to sell my car (as an expat it’s expected I will leave at some point). If i say.. ‘Not for at least another year..’ some people will still take my number. So.. if you see a car you like.. ask

If you know of any more places to find used cars for sale leave a comment below

In the meantime, if you have a car for sale please advertise it! Muscat Ads is one of the few places that you can sell your car at no cost.It is 100% free to advertise anything on the Muscat Ads Website! – Thanks to all the people who have sold their cars and have got in touch with us to say thankyou!

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