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Muscat Ads is the #1 classified adverts listing site in Muscat & Oman. Buying and Selling on Muscat Ads is completely FREE, and really simple. To buy or sell register for an account with your email address then you're ready to go! Oman classiieds only - if you are not in Oman you cannot post!

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Our partners adverts are shown in rotation on various pages of our website. Please support Muscat Ads by clicking on our partners adverts if any service is of use to you.
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3 Responses to “Partners”

  1. I’ve posted an advert yesterday and also made a payment of US$5 and it is showing Awaiting Payment. I’m also unable to see the advert which I posted and wish to know when will action take place? I was under the impression that the advert is free as in the past, but you are now charging to post an advert, how come? Your immediate response will be appreciated. Thanks & Regards

  2. How can I change my advert from ‘other’ to refrigerator, etc..?? as I have already paid for the advert, which is rather very unusual, even though I took the liberty to do so. Your response at the earliest will be appreciated. Thanks & Regards

  3. Shankar1787 on August 22, 2016 @ 11:13

    Dear Team,
    I am update old ads I could not able to delete or edit Please kindly delete my old ads Kindly check and do the needful.

    Tomooh Training consultant

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