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Muscat Driving Test – Oman Road Signs

Posted February 12, 2011 by in Blog | 1 comment

Practice the ROP Traffic Sign Test

My friend is learning to drive in Muscat so I made this simple game to try and help her practice for her traffic signs test.
The first part of the ROP (Royal Omani Police) driving test is identification of road traffic signs.
The signs are divided into 4 categories – Guiding, Manadatory, Preventative, and Warning. As far as I know the test consists of a policeman pointing at a large chart, and you tell him what the sign is at the end of his stick.. simple? I’m l.ucky enoigh that I dont have to do the test.. but good luck to those that do, and I hope this helps!

The test will apear when it is loaded.. (Ill add a preloader when I have more time)

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One Response to “Muscat Driving Test – Oman Road Signs”

  1. Trainer for driving pls contact Naseer on GSM 99747346. Preferably Ruwi area. A Good trainer.

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